Starting Fresh

When life deals chaos…… Sometimes everything happens at once, my website went down, old software no longer supported so we made a programming change, COVID blew in, we traded in our old 5th wheel “home” for a new one, an upcoming gallery show was put on hold, I started making masks for friends, family, and those who needed or wanted them…website still down…Gallery Show back on in the Apple Gallery, in Stokes NC  OOPS! still need to frame and mount enough to fill the gallery!!!   Gallery show in place.. 🙂 Virtual Opening done!!  All in 2 months that flew past.

    FINALLY time to  Start Fresh….. I am diligently learning the new programming to create a new website and learning to Instagram, so my site may look a little funny at times.  Please check back as some of my pages are still under construction.  In the meantime feel free to check out my Facebook page or find me on Instagram

Thanks!!   Deborah   

Mr. Pea